Polly Voices - Instant Speech Generator

Polly Voices is an instant speech generator for your explainer videos or IVR system.
Sometimes you need to have a voiceover urgently, or you have to demo a concept,
or you're on a budget and can't afford expensive human narration.

Just enter your text, listen, download and use it in your project.

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UI demo

Getting a voiceover for your projects has never been easier

Use one of the Amazon Polly voices

Polly Voices actually uses Amazon Polly behind the scenes in order to provide you with the high-quality TTS narration

  • Click on the buttons to listen to a couple of English samples
  • We have more voices in other languages

Create multi-voice narration

With Polly Voices you can create multi-voice narration easily. Just listen to this feature in action — narrating the quote from the "Pulp Fiction" on the right side.

  • — We should have shotguns for this kind of deal.

    — How many up there?

    — Three or four.

    — That's countin' our guy?

    — Not sure.

    — So that means there could be up to five guys up there?

    — It's possible.

    — We should have f**** shotguns.

Try your own text

Feel free to give it a try in the voice and language of your preference

  • Enter your text, select a voice and click "Listen"

Pimp up your IVR system

Click the numbers to check the sample quality of the generated speech.

  • It was generated using the service
  • The biggest advantage — audio can be changed just by editing the text



















Use cases

You can use Polly Voices voiceover as a quick and temporary substitution for your project audio (while waiting for the real human narration);
or you can use it for one of the following examples:

Explainer videos / Rapid prototyping

Obviously, explainer videos are meant to achieve one main objective: explain. But how can you explain something without having a voiceover do the explaining?


An eLearning voice over should not be the center of your learners’ attention. Instead, it should merely be a learning aid that helps to absorb the content better.

IVR — Phone Voice Menu

IVRs help companies to decrease expenses, as their staff does no longer need to answer the same questions over and over and improve efficiency.

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